Dr Ahmed, you deserve a place in heaven for what you have done for me and my teeth
Mrs Francis Webb
I’ve gone from being a person who probably didn’t smile as much as they would like to, to a person who smiles a hell of a lot now
The nurses have been second to none. They have been so gentle, so kind. They’ve held my hand at times when I’ve needed it
It took me a long time to come to a decision [about the treatment]… having finally made the decision, I can genuinely say I will never regret it…
I’d be quite sorry to not be coming back to see Dr Ahmed again
My orthodontist said ‘your gums are awesome

“I have a theory. When you smile there are little strings in the corners of your mouth. The strings lift and support your heart. It is important to keep smiling.”- Dr Hafeez Ahmed

Dr Hafeez Ahmed
Registered Specialist in Periodontics
BDS Wales 1992, DGDP (RCS), FDS (RCS),
MSc Perio, Mclin Dent, MRD (RCS)

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